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Maria Todaro

Opera Singer, General Director, Stage Director
Founder of The Phoenicia International Festival of the Voice
New York

Sometimes it just takes 1 session for a breakthrough. Maria was no different. Due to confidentiality and the sensitive nature of our work, specific details could not be shared on this recording.

Karl Kimmel

Freelance Bassist


Karl was coming off an 8 hour drive before our initial consultation. I offered to reschedule so he could get some rest. His response? "No way, I've been praying about this all day, let's do it!"

Mia Bella D'Augelli

Freelance Violinist

1st Violin - Portland Symphony Orchestra


The highly coveted Symphony seat almost all classical musicians aspire to was within Mia's reach, but anxiety and personal challenges were getting in the way... Spoiler alert: SHE MADE IT!

Gabriel Dresdale

Cellist, Guitarist, Pianist, Singer/Songwriter

New York

Gabriel is a talented multi-instrumentalist who saw an opportunity to get himself unstuck from poor mindset patterns that had not been serving him for very long time. Enter: Musician Medicine.

David Levy

Freelance Flautist

New York

With his employment in the hospitals completely cut from the Pandemic, David's predicament was much more than a lifetime of money-mindset blocks. It was such a joy to see how far he came.







Thai Massage, Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, and specialized techniques to overcome chronic pain.

Call 845-464-8654 to discuss your needs and to schedule.

“Brian’s massage therapy comes from a place of masterful wisdom that can only be gained by one who has taken the healing arts path to heal their own body. His precision and deep understanding of the body, combined with his incredible presence and intuitive touch makes his bodywork a very special gift for anyone lucky enough experience it.”

Mandi Marshall, LMT

"Brian is a masterful massage therapist, and it’s no surprise, considering his mastery of the hands drums as a multi-instrumental musician. His hands are wicked strong and dexterous, and he knows how to leverage his body weight and position to achieve the intended result. In my case, it was working out deep knots of a 6’5” male with scoliosis, a twisted up neck, and persistent plantar fasciitis. Brian was able to cure a significant pinched nerve/stiff neck situation in a single session and alleviate my plantar fasciitis within several, after I’d tried physical therapy and other massage therapists to no avail.


His energy is calming, spiritual, and of humble service. He has conducted serious and deep studies of multiple healing arts, and their synthesis effuses through and strengthens his work. I could consistently rely on feeling tuned up from head to toe from a session with Brian, no matter what was ailing my physically. I give his work my highest recommendation, and would still be getting regular massages from him were we living the same city."

Patrick McCafferty

“Brian offers a deep, contemplative massage practice enhanced by a big caring heart. Combined, the result is some of the very best bodywork I have ever received in a lifetime of massages."

Tim Michel

In my first massage session with Brian, he made me feel very comfortable right away. He has a friendly and positive energy, confidence and assurance in his knowledge of massage and his healing ability. At the end of my first session I felt a tremendous release of energy from my whole body, out through my legs and feet. I felt elevated for the rest of the day.

As time went on I found him to be unusually intuitive, and perceptive about my thoughts and feelings. Brian has a good sense of humor which was uplifting for me during a time of recovery from injury.


As a dancer, I find Brian’s work with musicians to be essential to our shared art forms. I can apply a lot of the approaches and ideas that he teaches his clients to my own work. Inspiring break throughs and authentic sharing are way too rare among artists, where competition, financial struggles, and the introspection and solitude we need to create, can become isolating, and depressing. Much needed networking and honesty will help us as individuals, as well as give strength to our art in this too often unwelcoming world.”

Sara Street

Founder and Director of Artists Alliance Against Violence Inc.


We are devastated in Charlottesville, VA to lose Brian. I was a client for years even during Covid. As a person who has had four back surgeries I was lucky to find Brian. He massaged and stretched me into being an active athlete again. At 73, I play golf, pickleball and fox hunt thanks to all Brian did for me and taught me about my body. I wish he would come back to VA because I have never been able to replace him!

Kiwi Hilliard

I met Brian when he interviewed for a LMT position at Bodymind Massage. His calm, grounded presence and skilled bodywork made such a positive impact on my wellbeing. He approaches every session with me, with an open heart and willingness to meet me exactly where I am. What a gift he is!

Christine Hall

Owner of Bodymind Massage Therapy

Brian is a professionally trained LMT. Brian also has a calming demeanor that induces trust and acceptance. He is trained in many different therapeutic massage techniques that leaves you relaxed and refreshed after treatment. It is without pause that I highly recommend his services.

Andy L.

“I met Brian Festa when he was giving massages at a festival in Tulum Mexico.  I asked for a Thai massage.  Brian’s bodywork was every bit as good as any I had experienced in Thailand, Bali ,India, USA or anywhere.  I have sought out his work on other occasions and always been delighted with his professionalism and skill.  He really knows how to sense what will benefit each of my joints during the massage. I thoroughly recommend him if you are looking for a great massage therapist."

Teresa Bohorquez

“Brian is a wonderful therapist. His work is so healing and rejuvenating and I would highly recommend him."


Esther Halperin

"I got a massage from Brian for the first time after going through some intense work and life transitions, and was working remotely a LOT. Brian approached the whole ordeal very holistically, asking some incisive and important questions to ground the experience. I felt comfortable sharing what was going on with my body and spirit (mostly as a result of the work I do), and he took that into consideration throughout.


Brian utilized a hybrid approach, incorporating a good amount of Thai massage, which I had never experienced before. After that session, I felt release, elongation, and openness in my body and spirit. Because it was such a generative experience, I booked a package so we could continue our work together. Highly recommend working with him!"


Y. Lee 

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