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(leave your email so we know who is attending)

Blue Skies

"Filled with sounds that evoked pure joy powerful."

"I lost track of time as I experienced the music not only as sound but as ethereal vibrations coursing through my being in waves."

Join Brian, Amelia and Rhiannon for a nourishing feast for the senses!

This event is unique. Every instrument and tone are intentionally curated to balance your body, ease your mind, and soothe your soul.


Beginning with an ancient Taoist guided meditation, Rhiannon will help participants make space to receive the healing benefits of the frequency medicine.


Enchanting vocals, tribal rhythms, & Theta wave-inducing world instruments played by

trained musician healers Brian and Amelia, will bless your inner & outer space, down-regulating the nervous system so deep physical and emotional layers may be accessed.

There will be a variety of included offerings (optional) such as light massage, aromatherapy, tuning forks, and more to enrich your experience.

There will be a closing circle, tea, and a light snack held by cozy candlelight after our hypnotic soundscapes conclude. 

This event sells out, so we encourage reserving your spot early.

Blue Skies

They immersed me into a world deep inside and outside of myself, providing a comfortable, welcoming community that let me explore my journey further." 

"Felt like I had been under an enchantment...a truly beautiful, unique, intimate, and safe space."

What to bring: 

Comfortable mat to lay on, blanket, pillow, water bottle


Eye mask, journal & pen


1054 Second St

Encinitas, CA 92024


Sunday Oct. 8th




*Plan to arrive 15 mins early to give yourself time for parking & setting up your nest.

Blue Skies

"Words simply cannot describe the music. I left that magical evening feeling like I was exactly where I needed to be, & with the right group of people."


(leave your email so we know who is attending)

With love,

Brian, Amelia, and Rhiannon

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