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Performance optimization to ensure
professional musicians and organizations thrive

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  • Self-care neglect runs rampant among a large proportion of performing arts professionals and their organizations.

  • Studies show over 90% of orchestral musicians suffer from chronic pain and stress in secret due to lack of resources, education, and fear of risking their reputation and career.

  • Repetitive strain, asymmetrical anatomical demands, stressful deadlines, performance anxiety, negative mindset loops, and the lack of accessible health care keep them from fully thriving.


Your Advocate


Brian Festa

Performance Optimization Coach
World Percussionist


3 decades experience in the music & healing arts industries.

Multiple careers led by integrated practices & passionate creative expression.

Life-long advocate for musicians' wellbeing & musical excellence.

Helping Musicians

Helping Organizations

  • Perform pain free

  • Improve quality of sound

  • Overcome stress and anxiety

  • Enhance the mind-body-music connection

  • Establish a thriving work-life balance

  • and extend the longevity of their careers

  • Increase revenue, income streams, group morale, & employee retention

  • Decrease operational costs

  • Attract elite players and high quality Admin

  • Become international leaders in musician duty of care


Find your true tempo

A Multi-disciplinary Method

To fine tune your body, mind, & musicianship.

Professional Accountability

To keep you motivated to meet and accel your goals.

Mindset Modalities

To rewire your relationship with stress, and stimulate neuroplasticity.

Practical tools

To negate distractions, transform unproductive patterns, and optimize the full score of your career.


Up-level your career

Performance at the highest level is stressful

No one is perfect

We all have:

and occupational challenges.

here is what performance optimization looks like:


The most effective and highly customizable method available today for musicians and executives. With my 8-week program or on-going mentorship, I lead clients through a system I've refined for decades for total revitalization of body, mind, & career.

Holistic Health Consultations

We assess your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, career, home, financial, and social pillars of your life to take an honest look at what's working and what is not: then formulate a plan to bring it all into balance.

Gestalt Therapy

I can not recommend this process enough. By far the most potent, powerful, and proactive tool I use with my clients, I will help you rewire subconscious programming and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back for far too long.

Group Consulting

For small ensembles to entire orchestras.
There's nothing more potent than the progress made when you u
p-level your quality of life and music together.

Wellness/Private Events

Chair massage, Thai massage, Yoga classes, and Holistic consultations for local businesses, professional music organizations, and private events. Incredibly convenient and effective for those that sit for the majority of the day, or are hosting a private engagement looking for a wide array of options.


Education of self-care practices for students and professionals alike. This is an indispensable avenue to provide large groups tools to bridge this gap between surviving and thriving as they progress through their career.

Are you part of a symphonic organization?


I come to you for a full weekend to reformat your self-care practices, mindset, and routine to completely reshape your home-life and quality of life forever.
Sounds epic, because it is.

Deep Dive

Ain't got time for all that?
Just looking for one Zoom deep dive to assess it all and receive recommendations and support for exactly what you need now? This 90m session is your answer.

If you are unsure where to begin, just give me a call or text at the number below. 
I'd be happy to speak with you.

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